Singlet Lenses

 Lenses have many applications ranging from the simple collection of a laser beam to precision imaging and image transfer. Lenses are classified as single lenses, cylindrical lenses and achromatic lenses. These lenses are made of BK7, FS,CaF2 and IR material(Si,Sapphire,Ge,YAG etc.). Special focusing systems can be designed by our engineers upon request.


Plano convex Lens
BK7 Fused Silica
Plano Concave Lens
BK7 Fused Silica
Double Convex Lens
BK7 Fused Silica
Double Concave Lens
BK7 Fused Silica


Hign Precision
Schott N-BK7, H-K9L, Fused silica, Si, CaF2, Sapphire
Design Wavelength
Design Index (BK7)
1.51680 for BK7, 1.45846 for Fused Silica
Diameter Tolerance
+0.0, 0.15mm
+0.0, 0.05mm
Paraxial Focal Length
Surface Quality
60-40 scratch and dig
10-5 scratch and dig
Surface Irregularity
< λ/4
< λ/8
Protective Bevel
0.25 + 0.25, -0.0mm
0.2 ± 0.1mm